Developing Android app in C# with Visual Studio 2015

  Visual Studio 2015 integrates Xamarin platform so users can write Android apps in C#. I took advantage of some free time after work, got Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise, and made a simple Android app. In this article I will talk about the first steps in making Android apps from VS 2015.

Separating release and dev builds in Visual Studio

  In my internship project at Microsoft, I needed to set up different build environments for release and dev purposes, so when the developers mess around with back-end code, users out of Microsoft office don’t get affected. Without touching details of the product, I will talk about how did I set up different build configurations in Visual Studio.

Introducing EllerySearch

  I have been curious about the way search engines crawl the internet. Recently, I revisited materials on this topic covered in my Intro to CS course at McGill. With the spirit of learn by doing, I went to get my hand dirty and made a lightweight search engine that crawls a certain website. You can…

How to build a personal website (2)

  In the last post, I briefly talked about how to reserve a domain name and set up hosting service for your personal website. In this post, I will review the templates I used in creating static and dynamic WordPress websites.

How to build a personal website

  Having a personal website is exciting, but setting it up sure is intimidating to beginners: Where and how to get a domain name? How to set up hosting server? Do I have to use WordPress (because so many people are using it)? How to put my contents online? How much SEO do I need? I will…

Moving to new blog

Welcome to my new blog site! Starting July 2015, I will be using WordPress to manage my website, and hosting it in Microsoft Azure.