A technique to validate customer problem statements: whiteboarding

I would like to share a new technique useful for PM’s I learned in the past week: how to use a whiteboard to validate a customer problem statement. Part 1: The whiteboarding technique The whiteboarding technique I learned is quite simple to describe: you write your problem statement on a whiteboard, and really put each…

The ubiquitous storytelling

Storytelling is everywhere! If you saw the title and opened this article, chances are you’ve been trained to accept the importance of storytelling like Newton’s Laws to physics. 100% onboard with this acknowledgement, I want to spotlight the presence of the storytelling technique in a few very different areas that I’ve been exploring. 0. A…

3 months in. A long way to go.

Remember, remember, the 4th of December… Three months ago, on December 4th, I joined Microsoft as a full-time employee. Based in Vancouver, BC, I work as a program manager on the Engineering System team. Before I started my job, I had a million ideas rolling around in my mind about what life would be like…

What is cloud?

I want to talk about cloud. Everyone seems to have heard about it, but not everyone understand what it means. In my opinion, the essence of cloud is resource aggregation, and the two pillars making it possible are the ability to coordinate large-scale resources, and the division of resource’s ownership and usage.

So… what do you do?

Since the beginning of my summer internship as a PM at Microsoft, I found so many people in the tech business wondering what PMs do, interestingly many PMs among them. Because this confusion is so common, there are discussions on the definition of a PM role across Microsoft. Having been a part of these discussions, I have gotten closer to…

ScribeX: presentation materials

This is a list of materials I use in the final presentation of my COMP 400 project. Presentation deck: http://cs.mcgill.ca/~yyang121/COMP400/Presentation.pdf Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDq1sbICh14

ScribeX: deliverable and report

After working on ScribeX throughout the semester, and focusing my energy on this project in the past two weeks, I have finished the deliverable (web app) and report of this project. You can find my report on this project here – and please do! It is a good report 😛

The road not taken… yet

On Tuesday I had an interview at Microsoft, for a PM internship in summer 2016. Today I heard back from Microsoft that I am receiving an offer for that position. Although details of this offer haven’t been finalized, I am extremely excited to have an opportunity to practice a PM job at Microsoft. It will be…

I see your OCR and raise you more Machine Learning

Since school started in September, my time and energy has been mostly devoted to it. I have been dedicated to write codes for assignments rather than “cooler” projects. But this is about to change. Yesterday my project proposal for COMP 400, a course titled Honours Project in Computer Science at McGill, got approved by my supervisor, Prof….